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Hi there,


Welcome to my site filled with amazing personal and original poems in English and mostly Afrikaans.


I'm a young South African female that loves writing poems in English and Afrikaans. All my poems are very personal and original based on my own feelings and experiences. I am a young married mother of an awesome one year old son.


My poems are a variety between love, sadness and everything in between. Some poems might seem harsh but each poem is the thuth of what I experienced or felt at that time.


Some poems are based on the reality amongst us and the truth of the sad times today.


Please do not feel offended with a poem if you might be too sensitive, It's all based on my own personal feelings and experiences.


I love writing poems, the thing that makes me the happiest is when other people read my poems, I know that in some poems I will touch a few people who might be or might have been in the same situation.


You are welcome to give me ideas if you want me to write a poem based on it, i would love to do this for anyone...


Hope you enjoy every poem of mine!!


Mrs Panda.